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  • Vulcan

    Vulcan is a leading direct to consumer brand, challenging the status quo within the accessories in the firearm industry. Vulcan was founded in 2018 with one goal: to create innovative, high-quality products that people can rely on.

    With its well-known, utility patent, QuickDraw mount and WeatherLock bag line, Vulcan's revolutionary products have set the tone for the brand and have expanded globally, creating a passionate community of over 1.2 million customers and followers online.

  • Florie

    Where Healthcare Happens Platform: Florie’s patient-centric platform and complete suite of contactless features work seamlessly to create efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase productivity, while enabling you to build your network, streamline your workflows, and to deliver targeted engagement campaigns directly to consumers’ mobile phones.

    Every healthcare stakeholder, connected, engaged, empowered. Engaging with patients has never been easier with Florie's fully integrated suite of communication and engagement tools.

  • CartShield

    CartShield is a unique concept within the purchase protection space. By providing ongoing protection that applies to all consumers purchases from across e-commerce stores.

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