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Hubble is simple and affordable! Two things I struggle with when it comes to healthcare. Thank you Hubble πŸ‘

Nicolette M.

Verified Member

As a single father, providing for my kids is my top priority. Hubble’s membership has been a game changer, giving me access to the medications my children need at an unbeatable price.

Billy D.

Verified Member

Recommending Hubble to everyone! Customer support is fantastic and extremely affordable.

Patrick S.

Verified Member

Ever since my husband lost his job, we’ve been constantly worried about our family’s health. Because of Hubble we can now afford the medications we need without worry.

Catherine E.

Verified Member

Hubble was the perfect fit for our family! It almost seemed too good to be true at first, but so glad we became members!

Anne M.

Verified Member

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What happens after I become a member?

    1. After your payment, you will immediately be prompted to fill out a member application form online.

    2. Once that is done, You will receive a confirmation email and it will take about 1-2 business days to become active within the nationwide pharmacy network.

    3. Once you are active, we will send you a "Member Welcome" email that contains your Member ID and login access to our customer portal.

    From there, you will have full access to the program and its benefits. You can transfer prescriptions, do a local pick up, or reach out for expert consultations on your medications.

  • Why trust Hubble with your Prescriptions?

    Hubble is an American based company with a state-of-the-art pharmacy in Akron, Ohio. Our Pharmacy is licensed in all 50 states, has been around for over 6 years, and our program has well over 1 million happy users!
    By leveraging our innovative pharmacy infrastructure, we are able to bring over 90% of the most prescribed medications at an affordable cost to Americans.

  • What if my medications aren’t on the drug list?

    If the medication is not on the formulary, you will likely still see a large discount of over 40% on your medication. You can also call customer service to see if we can special order the medication. Additionally, our pharmacists can help determine an equivalent drug to help meet your medication need.

Why Become a Member

  • Enhances and works with current health plan

  • Instant Savings on Current Drugs

  • Coverage for future illnesses and medication needs

  • Stability and certainty for your current and future drug spend